The following commands are available (WIP):

/code – for coding-related tasks
/write – for writing-related tasks.
/aiart – generate prompt for text to image
/imagegen prompt –model modelname –size size – text to image 
/removebg {url} – remove background, URL is optional 
/controlnet prompt {url} – uses control image to modify using canny controlnet  


Image Generation Tool Instructions

This tool allows you to generate images using various models and sizes. The model and size parameters can be specified using --model MODELNAME and --size WIDTHxHEIGHT respectively.

Here are the available models and their corresponding possible sizes:

  1. V21

    • Available Sizes: 512x512, 384x512, 1024x576

    • Available Sizes: 512x512, 384x512, 512x384, 512x768, 768x512, 1024x576, 576x1024, 576x768
  3. V15

    • Available Sizes: 512x512, 384x512, 1024x576

    • Available Sizes: 512x512, 384x512, 1024x576

    • Available Sizes: 512x512, 384x512, 1024x576
  6. ICON

    • Available Size: 512x512

    • Available Sizes: 512x512, 512x768, 768x512, 576x1024, 1024x576, 576x768

Example Usage:

To generate an image with the MULTISTYLE model and size of 512x512, you would use the following command:

/imagegen my prompt –model MULTISTYLE –size 512×512

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