Transform Your Text into Stunning Images with OpenAI API

The DALL-E Image Generator WordPress plugin is a user-friendly, simple-to-integrate tool for generating custom and unique images using the OpenAI DALL-E API. By providing a form for an API key and a prompt, users can easily access the DALL-E API’s powerful features, creating imaginative visuals with no experience required. The resulting image is then presented beneath the entry form. This plugin is the perfect solution for website and content creators of all skill levels, offering an effective and accessible way to incorporate the capabilities of the DALL-E API into creative, marketing, and other projects.

DALL-E is an artificial intelligence service developed by OpenAI that generates original images based on textual descriptions. Given a prompt, such as “a two-story pink house with a white picket fence,” DALL-E generates an image that matches the description. DALL-E is trained on a diverse range of images and can generate a wide variety of original images that are not limited to a specific style or genre. The DALL-E API allows developers to integrate the image generation capabilities of DALL-E into their own applications.

Here are five examples of prompts for the OpenAI DALL-E API:

  1. “A robot playing a guitar on a beach at sunset”
  2. “A castle made of ice cream”
  3. “A person riding a unicorn through a rainbow forest”
  4. “A futuristic cityscape with flying cars”
  5. “A mermaid swimming with dolphins in the ocean”

To get OpenAI API Key:

  1. Log in to your OpenAI account (
  2. Go to the User Settings section of your OpenAI account.
  3. Your API key is located in the “API Keys” section of the User Settings.
  4. Copy your API key in the DALL-E form below to generate images.

This is a basic code generated by ChatGPT. The source code is available on GitHub for those who wish to make modifications or improvements. Please note that this code is provided as-is and may require additional work to meet your needs fully.